Mark Duffin

Mark DuffinMark Duffin joined Angel Share Capital in 2014 as Chairman & CEO to lead and create a new way for the industry to work.

Prior to that, he was with ServicePower Plc, where he was responsible for executing a turnaround strategy for the company which resulted in a corporate profit in 2010/2011/2013. The company had not made profits since it was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1996.

Mark is a qualified Chartered Engineer with an MBA. He also has a Finance qualification from Cranfield and speaks four languages.

Mark was also a Director of Rentokil Initial plc, having grown an environmental start-up business which he sold and successfully integrated into the company, he then ran Rentokil’s Facilities Management Division (T/O £500M). He had previously been CEO of Appian Technology plc, and also Managing Director of United Industries Plc. Mark’s early years were spent in, international organizations such as Ford Motor Company, Lucus Industries & Lucidus Management Technologies, working through out Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia.

He has extensive experience & leadership in business growth, With skills that include leadership in sales/operational management, restructuring, fund raising, increasing profitability, market share & leading teams with extensive cross-cultural experience to build shareholder value.

He is ambitious, highly focused, determined, passionate, and competitive at everything he does.

He specialises in P&L Management, 
Board Management, 
, Startups,
, Private Equity & VC Funding
, Negotiations
, Financial & Business Modelling, 
Risk Management
,Sales & Operations
 & Cash Management

Nicole Daney

N Daney (19)Nicole Daney has a head for business and a heart for people. It’s not surprising that she started her career before she even finished college by opening an Alzheimer’s special care unit in California. Driven by her fierce desire to help others, Nicole merged her two passions—business and people—as she moved on to add marketing, administration, strategy, and sales to her toolbox.

Nicole now owns a wildly popular holistic health business and a well-established real estate appraisal company in the Midwest. She has become a trusted source of information not just on property values in an unreliable market; she’s also amassed a loyal following who rely on her for her keen insight into the world of natural health and holistic healing. A seasoned and savvy sales professional, Nicole takes calculated risks and isn’t afraid to think outside the box. She is called tenacious, precise and solutions-driven by clients and colleagues. Nicole was built with an inner compass for strategy and execution and is sought out for her candor, insight, and abundant knowledge, particularly in the areas of real estate and holistic wellness.

She has served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate guardian ad-litem for abused children, traveled to third-world countries to help underprivileged families with Habitat for Humanity, and participates in charitable race events several times each year.

Linda Saleh

LindaLinda has over 25 year Human Resources experience in the public, private and voluntary sectors and has learned at close hand to identify the finance and funding challenges which direct decision-making in each organisation before embarking on any project. Her experience spans IT, finance, leisure, logistics, construction, engineering, manufacturing, agriculture, environmental, higher education and call centre operations. She also works with a legal firm preparing, defending or advising on the commercial settlement of Claims in the UK Employment Tribunals.

She is known as an innovator in business improvement methods with remarkable measured achievements in retaining loyalty among workforces during times of change. She has a track record of establishing new HR departments, training new teams, delivering cost and efficiency savings in existing structures, developing new business and achieving measured improvements in the satisfaction of both internal and external.

Linda looks for the hidden issue or situation and achieves results which impact on the whole organisation. One of her key strengths lies in her ability to build trust and respect at every level. Linda has the gift of empathy and uses coaching methodology to inspire people, offering a personal, structured and practical approach to meet their chosen goals.

She is a tenacious individual who has orchestrated the successful integration of several companies, carefully identified valuable individuals for key positions, sensitively managed the shedding of staff wedded to legacy behaviours and has acted as the architect and builder of new management and reward structures, and open working cultures.

Kit Slater

IMG_0587-ppWith over 25 years of business ownership, operations, sales and management leadership, Kit Slater is known by her peers as a high achiever.  Leveraging experience as both a seasoned business entrepreneur and corporate leader, she streamlines business development and energizes the team to meet or exceed business objectives.  She is a strategic thinker that creates innovative sales strategies for increased profitability and healthy growth initiatives, while maintaining a keen focus on customer care and service.   Her experience in developing beneficial relationships with strategic partners creates a strong alliance and better business experience for all parties involved.

During her 25 years in aerospace, she successfully penetrated the international aerospace market working with US and allied military programs, NASA programs, airlines, and global corporate and general aviation communities. She built strategic alliances with both customers and manufacturers, forged positive regulatory changes, expanded distribution, and led sales in the market.

As a founder and CEO of several successful start-ups, Ms. Slater’s discipline in balancing risk and opportunity, and engaging the strengths of the team, resulted in solid foundations for her business endeavors.  She actively supports the Youth Entrepreneurs Organization, The Entrepreneurs Task Force,  and several Women’s organizations.

Gregg Sandridge

GregSandridgeAs a 19-year sales executive and technology veteran, Mr. Sandridge is a career sales person providing strategic sales leadership in various capacities. Focusing on strategic sales of mobile content delivery platforms, Connected Smart devices and Cloud based applications to the telecommunications industry. Leveraging his background and experience with such companies as RealNetworks, Verisign Communications Services and Sprint. Mr. Sandridge holds a Bachelors of Science from The University of Central Missouri and MBA from Baker University.

Andrew StedmanAndrew Stedman

A results driven & commercially focused CFO, Andrew Stedman joined Angel Share Capital to help underpin the financial rigour and commercial support of ASC as the business moved into its next phase of growth.

Andrew’s focus throughout his career has been on driving incremental value through commercial challenge, cost transformation, stringent and inventive performance management techniques in conjunction with cash improvement in order to provide a sustained platform for business start-up and growth

A career that spans over 10 years in Senior Finance, in leadership roles across a number of FTSE 100 organisations.  These Sectors have ranged from Recruitment, Engineering, Environment to IT and Telecoms, in regions stretching from Europe, US and across Asia, building strong and sustained networks throughout.

Andrew’s experience has led to roles ranging from Business Case Modelling, Budgeting / Forecasting, Contract Evaluation, Performance Management, Pricing and Portfolio Management, Strategic Planning, Outsourcing to Cost and Margin Transformation.